Forever Families Testimonials

“We adopted an f1b puppy from you and he is awesome of course. We named him Cole. His temperament is GREAT, never growls or snaps or anything to that nature with any of us or anything.  We let his hair grow out long and curly but then shave it all one length, we tried many different styles and we like the all one length even the face short. He looks like a standard poodle exactly but acts totally like a lab. He is a lot of fun! We are so happy with him. We take him camping with us too and he does great.”   the Holbrook Family

“Hi Daddy’s Doodles! We love our guy, Shadow (now Chesty).  He’s such a great family / kid dog – he loves everyone.  He’s very smart – knows all basic commands and stays/comes when we call him, even if he’s roaming around outside.  He’s a great leash walker, too. He’s started howling at sirens, which is cute – like he’s singing along.  He gets along well with other dogs!” -the Plogmann Family

“Lacey(formerly Allie) is great. With having our Wolfhound named Ellie it was too hard to say Allie without confusing them so we gave her the mom’s name which we liked.  She is sweet , playful and not afraid of anything, or maybe having my 180lb Wolfhound and 65lb Lab as her family has helped with that.  My in-laws have a fox Terrier puppy that was born just 3 wks before her so they get to play a couple days a week too.I work from home and she is with me all day, usually right under my feet with the black lab. We take a walk every morning, then again @ noon and then @ 5-6 every night they get to go for a car ride.  Either to Red Dog Park to play or I take them to a private park in Indian Hill where they get to run through the woods and get in the Lake and she LOVES to swim.  Of course when she gets wet she looks like a drowned rat, but she dries quickly!  We are very happy with her and spoil her every day!  We LOVE the puppy and If I know anyone looking for one I will send them your way!” –the Stegmaier Family

 “Our Labradoodle, Arlo (born 5/3/2012), is doing very well.  He is an exceptionally sweet dog and can run like the wind.   Our farm is his favorite place and he has mostly learned not to chase the chickens and ducks.  We haven’t persuaded him to swim in the pond like our lab, Eddie, but he will wade in to his shoulders when the weather is very hot.  Thanks again for a wonderful dog.” -the Whitsett Family

“Bentley is doing wonderful! His temperament is great, hasn’t shown any aggression towards people or other dogs. He is sometimes skittish towards other big dogs, but is showing more and more confidence with his training. He loves other children, we don’t have any in our household however he loves to spend time with the children in our neighborhood. He is still eating the 4-Health puppy food. Training is going great! He graduates from the puppy beginner class next week, then we are going to continue on with him after that. He doesn’t shed at all, which is wonderful! The only thing with him is that we aren’t used to a puppy with that much energy, so sometimes he can be a lot of handle for my other dogs and me. We are learning more exercises and things we can do to help with all of his energy.” – the Schuber Family

“Rob and Lindsay, We just love our dog Finn.  Finn has  a naughty personality but that is part of his charm. He does not shed very much and that was a great surprise.  He was easy to train and he loves to travel with us when we go to Minnesota for the Summer. In the future we will defiantly be using you again, because I love having two dogs around me and my family. We are so happy that we chose your business for our dog son, you can tell that he was raised with love at your place. He is a joy!!!” – the Hilger Family
“Scout is doing great!!  He is an amazing dog with a wonderful temperament. He is calm for the most part, but loves to play. He is excellent with the boys and is quite protective of them. My husband and I are not dog trainers by any means so we sent him to doggy boot camp back in December. The guy who trained him said he was one of the smartest dogs he had ever trained!  He is only one so he still has his puppy moments, but he is a really well behaved dog for the most part. We are so happy that we found you. He completes our family!!” –the Burbrink Family
“Our Labradoodle is doing great.  Her name is Suri  and she is wonderful.  I am raising my 3 grandsons and she loves them very much.  She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.  She loves to run and play.  She is easy to bathe with  help from my husband.  She travels well.  She does shed a little but it is more like fuzzy hair balls.  The only thing that I wish she didn’t do was chew but I knew that going in.  We have had to through a few things away but it goes with having a dog.   She also thinks she is a lap dog.  LOL  She weighs around 50 pounds.  I could go on and on about her.” –the King Family